Brand to Space - It Needs Some Lift

Learn about our techniques and processes with which we make things go reaaaally high!

Space Video Production Has Three Assemblies

Liftoff and Landing

Liftoff is achieved with weather balloons, due to safety and environmental reasons.

On the way down we use a parachute, which requires no additional opening making it 100% problem proof.


We have found that the GoPro works quite well in most scenarios, with good picture quality, so that is our main choice of camera.

We normally capture 4k at 30fps, though it can be varied for different use cases.

Finding the Package

Our Location Information System (LIS) consists of three separate tracking devices, utilizing radio frequencies as well as GPS for obtaining the landing spot location.

As it is 3-stage, it is very reliable.

Complete Space Programs - Wall of Fame


Mystery Box in Space - Discmania

“When success is crucial, there are only a handful of people you can trust.

Brand to Space has provided us with
an unbelievable, tailor-made level of service from start to finish.

We aknowledge that our demands were not the easiest to fulfil, but Arttu took them as a challenge and delivered outstanding results.

It is always a pleasure to work with such a great guy.”

Esa Arokki, Marketing Manager of Discmania


First Trampoline in Space - Acon

“I really like people who are not afraid to get excited even if there is a difficult challenge ahead.
Arttu was the one to make my idea and vision into reality.

Everything went well and the end result was far better than I had imagined.

If there is one person and company I would recommend to work with, it would be Arttu and Brand to Space.

That guy is brilliant.”

Marko Manninen, VP of ACON