About Us - Brand to Space

Our team is small, but that only makes us flexible and creative. Learn more by scrolling down!

Hello, I am Arttu - an Enthusiastic Entrepreneur

And I bring brands to the edge of space!

My strengths are creative thinking, development skills, and my knowledge about HAB (High Altitude Ballooning).

Previously I have been working as a salesman, team leader and I have been running my own marketing agency for a little over two years.

If you are interested in space video and space video production, drop me an email or call – I would love to hear from you!

What Happens if You Contact Us


We Will Plan Together

After we find a package that works for you, we can start to plan the whole space program.

You will give out your ideas and wishes and we make sure the whole thing is possible to pull off.


We Build the Flying Assembly

After we know what is going up and when, we can start developing the flying assembly.

We will keep you informed about our progress.


We Launch the Assembly

After every section is ready, we head out to our launch site and launch the assembly – then we wait and collect our video material!

And boom, there is your space video!