Space Video Production for Everybody

We will fly your brand up into space.
Your brand, filmed with the curvature of our beautiful earth.

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Space Video Production for Everybody

We will fly your brand up into space.
Your brand, filmed with the curvature of our beautiful earth.


Mystery Box in Space - Discmania

“When success is crucial, there are only a handful of people you can trust.

Brand to Space has provided us with
an unbelievable, tailor-made level of service from start to finish.

We aknowledge that our demands were not the easiest to fulfil, but Arttu took them as a challenge and delivered outstanding results.

It is always a pleasure to work with such a great guy.”

Esa Arokki, Marketing Manager of Discmania


First Trampoline in Space - Acon

“I really like people who are not afraid to get excited even if there is a difficult challenge ahead.
Arttu was the one to make my idea and vision into reality.

Everything went well and the end result was far better than I had imagined.

If there is one person and company I would recommend to work with, it would be Arttu and Brand to Space.

That guy is brilliant.”

Marko Manninen, VP of ACON

3 Reasons to Send Your Brand in to Space


You need a little boost for your product launch.

Beautiful space video can help your product launch to be more successful by increasing media attention.


You need viral-like material to boost your brand.

Our space video production services will give you material that you have had no access to previously.


You would like to have your own space program.

Space is the future. Be one of the first companies to have their own space programs!

Why Space Video Is Superior

If you are thinking about whether to really send something up or just fake it with CGI, remember this: which one holds more value lets say 10 years from now?
Which one is still bringing memories and boosting brand image?

We think the space program will become part of the company’s history – in a great way.
It is not just a video – it is a whole program, which holds PR value in itself.

If you feel like you are a bit extreme, want to stand out from the mass and are a little crazy, this is for you.

Brand to Space - Space Video Production

Back in 2020, we did our first space flight.
The idea was not ready, but it stuck with us.

In the autumn of 2022, we made a choice – let’s try this madness and start to offer space flights in masses.

We are at a stage where you can order your own space program just by clicking a button – we are proud to do something like this!



Interested? - Let's Talk!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Space video production is kind of new, so there are a lot of questions to be asked.
We have tried to answer the most common ones – don’t be afraid to ask more via email or the contact form!

The payload houses a 3-stage Location Information System (LIS), which will be able to tell us exact coordinates even in the worst scenarios.

It uses radio frequency bands and GPS to obtain it’s location.

The exact amount changes a little based on the specific package, but we will promise you at least one hour of usable material with our cheapest options.

Standard space video will be recorded at 4k 30fps, so it meets today’s quality standards.

Space flights are normally reaaally expensive, but luckily we have brought the price down quite much!

We are still talking over 10k€, so you need some cash to make this happen.